Is a project about Liam's search for his past. This search gets told in a combination of photographs and text wich amplify and warp each others meaning. The text was written by Samuel Werth in 3rd person using Liam's name. Even though it's build around fragments of conversation from Liam's search, it's written as ascreenplay, giving it a fictional feeling.

"Stranger to Fiction" was presented at the Canvascollectie and Breda Photo in 2012. to fiction_LiamSingelyn_13.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_8.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_9.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_12.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_11.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_10.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_3.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_5.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_6.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_4.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_14.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_1.jpg to fiction_LiamSingelyn_7.jpg