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. can be interpreted in many ways. When you measure light with a light meter the symbol . indicates that
the environment is dark enough for me to take a picture; the opening of a burrow; the circling of time in which there is no clear ending or beginning, … The combination of the circle and the point reflects the idea of the need for an exact point
to be able to navigate time and space. . is an image that transcends language and is universal.

Deep black is essential for this work in which light plays an important part. To experience the night as intensively as possible I went to a place without light pollution. During this period in the winter, living in a cave, I wandered around at night to explore the area. It is impossible to distinguish colours in this darkness and you need light to be able
to orientate.

The word ‘photography’ derives from the ancient Greek word photos –light– and graphos
–writing–. Essentially photography is ‘writing with light’. There was no electricity involved in this work. I used flash powder as a main source of light. Flash powder has a longer exposure time than an electronic flash, so I was able
to watch the light move through the landscape for a period of time.

The photographs are presented as an installation, hanging down side by side from the ceiling. This way I could decide which images can interact with each other and which cannot. The viewer can wander around in the dark
–with all the light focused solely on the photographs– and can get and idea of my experience of light and darkness.
The other part of the installation is the book, presented in another space. I am interested in the apparent correlation between the prints and the book and what you can tell by using these different media.

I wanted to step away from the notion that photography shows a time in history. For these images I wanted to bring out a feeling of timelessness. I made a personal work to let the viewer experience.